Name: Grzegorz Surmann
Nationality: german, polish
 Birth date: 1979 Feb. 12
       Work: Sysadmin

     Skills: cisco, routing, ios, bgp, (e)igrp, tcp/ip, zebra
             bind, inn, sendmail, postfix, cyrus, sasl, amavis, dnews
             apache, mod_ssl, many other apache modules, squid
             security, (open)ssh, lsh, (open)ssl, ipchains and -tables, ipfilter, ipfw
             freebsd, netbsd, solaris, linux, sco-unix, large enterprise systems
             all types of computer hardware, router hardware (cisco)
             (wireless) networks, hw-firewalls (sonicwall, cisco pix)
             ...and many others

  Languages: english (good)
             german (very good)
             polish (very good, mother language)

      Other: I'm up to date with all security issues that may apply to unix
             and windows systems. Unfortunately, the bugs do come first...

     Wishes: to have _enough_ (not too much) money for all what I want

    Contact: via e-mail admin(at)sinuspl(dot)net